Lion and Lamb

Lion and Lamb

All I was sure of at first is that I was playing some game of opposites.  It was not good vs. evil, male vs. female, war vs. peace that I was trying to convey, but two opposite temperaments that would appear in a glance the same.  The lion represents ambition while the lamb represents humility.  It was also not my desire to portray one as better than the other.  While the lion might be an aggressor, he also is a protector, a builder and inventor.
The lamb wears the same cloth as an adornment.  She is unconcerned with power, fame, or glory, but leads a noble, quiet life.  He is the hunter and she is the gatherer.  I don’t mean at all to assign these particular traits to gender, because we all have a little bit of both, and they surface in different parts of our personalities.

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